February 2018 Quarterly Wrap up

I’ll admit right now that I’m not following my set TBR too much. Oh I’ll get done Citywide, A Study in Scarlet and A Language of Thorns for sure this month, but as for the rest it depends on if I stay on this path of just reading how I feel. It is pretty awesome to just let my reading desires guide me, so on to the wrap up.

Currently reading:


My goal for this week is to get more of these finished than new books started. Like finish three and maybe add one, that kind of thing! None of them are long books either, and three of the six are more than halfway done.  I actually just added Dark Matter (by Michelle Paver, not Blake Crouch, though I’ve also read that one) yesterday because I’ve been wanting to read a horror and/or thriller kind of thing for a while now, and I looked up my first name on audible for the sake of curiosity, and found this rather highly rated book. Right now there’s a group of people going up to the arctic, and apparently that’s the setting for whatever happens. Some reviews described it as, “the scariest audiobook I’ve ever listened to,” so I’m excited! As for The Magpie Lord as you will see below, I’m on a K. J. Charles kick right now, and at the right time now as A Charm of Magpies was just released on audible. The rest are all tbr books, but as you can see below I have been wandering far and wide off the tbr path (which considering the general quality of the books I’ve been reading, is not a bad thing at all!)




A Dragon’s Flight      By: Julian Clearwater

I felt like three stars was being a bit too generous, given how many plot holes this has, but it was a lot of fun. Basically you have a human/dragon shifter who is a helicopter pilot during the day, but flies the sky as a dragon at night. He meets a dragon hunter who doesn’t know he’s a dragon. The dragon shifter likewise doesn’t know the man he has developed quick feelings for is a dragon hunter. This is the kind of thing that is ridiculous, and you know it, but you have fun with it anyways if it’s your kind of thing.

THREE AND A HALF STARS star star star¼


Wanted, A Gentleman    By: K. J. Charles

Have you read A Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue and do you want another (perhaps more adult) gay road trip story with a black character? BEHOLD! Granted this one was very short and focused on a roadtrip towards the particular ends of saving a woman who is running away to be married, without her parent’s blessing, but yeah still contains all those elements. This book didn’t end up higher on the list because the first half was far too slow, and even then I didn’t feel that there was a great deal of chemistry between the two characters. None the less, I do love how Charles’ books always/often contain open-minded and communicative individuals, factors which contribute greatly to the two characters coming together in the end. I also have a soft spot for characters who change themselves for their own sake, but that change does make it easier for them to be with the person they desire.



The Time Machine    By: H. G. Well

I read this one yesterday after writing my list of books that have been on my tbr for the longest, because it was quite short. That and I’ve wanted to read it for forever and I LOVE time travel. It was actually a really interesting societal commentary of the time, in addition to being an adventure story. It made me want to try out more adventures along the same vein (like a Jules Verne for instance!)

FOUR STARS star star starstar

An Unnatural Vice and An Unsuitable Heir (Sins of Cities Books #2 and 3)    By: K. J. Charles

I actually loved An Unsuitable Heir the tiniest wee bit more than An Unnatural Vice, but these were amazing follow ups to An Unseen Attraction. I mean I enjoyed the first book of the series, but the second and third books were just so much better in terms of pacing and chemistry between the characters. Also I loved the love interests Pen (who is gender non-binary, not that he knows the terminology for it) and Justin (he’s just so unscrupulous and doesn’t care at the beginning). Then there’s Mark who’s plain but amazing, loyal, steadfast and protective and Nathaniel who grows a lot in his own views about the world. The relationships in both these books are very different, yet both the story and the ships were extremely enjoyable. Also can we talk about the character conversations about consent in books 1 and 3? They are the best conversations about consent that I’ve ever seen in literature!

Until Forever Comes, In Your Eyes and To Touch You  (Mates Series #2-4)    By: Cardeno C

Believe it or not, I actually like all four books rather equally (might like In Your Eyes slightly more than the others). Basically you should read these if: 1. you like shifter stories, 2. you don’t mind a bit of angst, 3. you love the idea of a vampire and werewolf together (as happens in two of the books), two male alpha werewolves together and/or a human and a werewolf together, 4. if you like the idea of true mates.

For the record, tying does happen here, but these are not mpreg stories so if that’s not your thing, no worries. Plus these are the most addictive thing I’ve read in a long time. I read all three of these (or listened to if you prefer) this past weekend. For me, these books were like Pringles, “once you pop, you can’t stop!”



2 thoughts on “February 2018 Quarterly Wrap up

  1. I just bought An unnatural Vice. Haven’t started it yet (I got distracted by some fanfiction ^^) but I want to, soon. Actually I wasn’t overwhelmed by the first book but a friend absolutely loved Vice so I bumped it up on my tbr-list (and then it was on sale)


    • I LOVE that you read fanfiction too ❤ needs to be more love and appreciation for fic! Honestly the first book was the worst in the series. I mean I didn't think it was bad but the pacing was a bit off and while I love Clem and Rowley for being super cute and domestic, I didn't think they had a lot of chemistry. Book 2 and 3 are what make this series for me and plenty of others (those Goodreads reviews don't lie) more exciting story and more sizzling in the chemistry department, hope you enjoy!


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