Down the TBR Hole #6

We’re back with another “down the TBR Hole”! Click below to see the 5 books I’ve opted to keep and the 5 books I’ve opted to delete from my almost 2000 book strong TBR list.

To Keep:


I want to read this book by Eli Easton and another Christmas themed one, around Christmas time this year. Seems cute, short, Christmasy and just so perfect!


After reading a book with a deaf character, I realized I didn’t know a lot about deaf people, deaf culture or deafness. I then sought out some (good / well rated) books of that nature to add to my TBR and came across this one.


It was a coincidence that this book was on the list right after the previous one. This is another book with a deaf main character. This character is the deaf manager of a band called “Dumb” and seems like a coming of age / becoming more confident in her own skin kind of story.


Float by Daniel Miyares is a completely wordless children’s book that has an exceptionally high rating. Obviously I want to read it because it will take practically no time for me to read, it’s highly rated, I love picture books and I teach kids. This is an easy keep!


Paranormal, magic, drama, isolation, drawing someone out of their self-imposed isolation, m/m romance. I am so excited to eventually get to this one!

To Delete:


This is supposed to be one of the better Fifty Shades of Grey parodies out there. While I’m intrigued I already have another parody downloaded (albeit one that doesn’t have nearly as high of a rating) and this is not on the top of my list of things to read right away. Hence, I’ll delete this puppy for now!


I will probably add this book back to my TBR sooner rather than later, but this is why I’m deleting it for now. I already have two other books by this author downloaded (one in audio form, the other in ebook form) and I figure I should finish those first, before opting to add more of her books to my TBR. ; )


It’s a modern YA contemporary romance, and after reading the summary I have to say, I just don’t think this is really my thing, so delete.


I might very well like this one if I gave it a chance, as there are many fantasy aspects that drew me to this title, enough to add it to my TBR. If being perfectly honest, however, I’m not going to jump on top of reading this any time in the near future so I’ll delete it for now.


This is another one where, after rereading the summary I’ve decided I just don’t care too much to read it at this point in my life. Now I would like to try a space opera sometime, eventually, I just don’t think that this is the place I would like to start.


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