If…Then Thursday #3

Blame summer vacation for the sudden influx of posts that are all of a sudden going up today. I live in East Asia where (for the most part) I don’t fit into the clothing. As a result when I’m in Canada I do almost a year’s worth of clothing shopping in one go.

That being said, I’m behind on several posts, so I’ll be making a few more within the day. First up If…Then Thursday (on a Monday XD). This is the sci-fi edition.

If you liked…


Then try…


More Than This by Patrick Ness was easily one of my favourite books of last year and Murmuration is one of my favourites of this year. While reading Murmuration by T. J. Klune this year, as of about mid-book I was getting such similar vibes from both. Each one is very different from the other, in ways I can’t fully get into because figuring out the mystery (or not fully figuring it out as the case may be) are part of what make these books such amazing reads. Both books deal with boys or men who know who they are or think they know who they are. Then things start to happen that make them believe that maybe everything isn’t as straight forward as it once appeared to be. Each is a sci-fi mystery that has a m/m romance aspect either past or present. I’m going to leave the vague explanation there, because honestly unwrapping the mystery of what’s going on (or what you think is going on) is what makes these books so jarring and intriguing to read. Both are also exceptionally well written! If you like this genre of book, I think you cannot go wrong with either!


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