Get to Know Me Tag

I found this tag on A Bookish Human. I’m not sure who the original creator was, but given that I’m new to the blogosphere, I thought this would be a great way for me to introduce myself to y’all!


Name : Michelle

Nickname: A few friends have called me “Michiru” before, which is my Japanese name. Why Michiru? It sounds kind of like Michelle and Sailor Neptune’s Japanese name is Michiru and her English dub name is Michelle.

Birthday : July 21st (summer birthdays are the worst because there are no guarantees that anyone will be around)

Star Sign : Cancer

Occupation: Elementary School Teacher (currently teach grade 3!)


Hair Colour: Brown

Hair Length: just past the shoulders, but I’m in the process of growing it out

Eye Colour: green

Best Feature: eye colour

Braces: nope

Piercings: three hoops on cartilage on left upper ear, regular lobe piercing.  I used to have a second lobe piercing in each ear, but those grew over.

Tattoos: Deathly Hallows tattoo on my foot

Right Handed or Left Handed: right handed and quite okay with it


Real Holiday: I guess the first holiday that my parents celebrated, that occurred after I was born would have Canadian Thanksgiving. I’m specifying Canadian as Canadian Thanksgiving occurs at a very different time than American. I would have been pretty young though, still drinking from a bottle.

Best Friend: There was a girl who lived at the end of my block. When I was six, my family moved out of that neighbourhood. Unfortunately when she moved into my new neighbourhood, and I saw her again, she was a complete ***** and told me that she was only ever friends with me because her mom made her do it. She also challenged my sister and I to do a trick on the high bar and when my sister fell flat on her face, this girl laughed at my sobbing sister. Still pissed about that to this day! I really hope that she has now grown the hell up, because experiences like that leave a person feeling sour and it’s not really ever possible to forget it.

Otherwise there was Adam, who thankfully I never fell out with, it was just a matter of us living in different places and attending different schools and our moms stopped hanging out. I was never a tom boy, but I was never a girly girl either. I remember playing Ninja Turtles a lot with Adam (and feigning interest when he would bring out his bubble gum sports cards ;-___-).

Award: I won an award in kindergarten for being a well behaved and motivated child.

Sport: My first sport was probably soccer, which I hated. I didn’t do that by choice. I hated running all over the field.

Concert : Dir en Grey (a Japanese metal band). I’m not even joking. I just didn’t have money for concerts, but when Dir en Grey was opening for Korn (it was technically a Korn concert) my friends and I were THERE.


TV Shows : Grimm, Nodame Cantabile, Escaflowne, Sherlock, Twelve Kingdoms, Game of Thrones, Rupaul’s Drag Race, Sailor Moon

Colour : purple

Songs : Arashi’s “We Can Make It” – I listen to it a lot at the end of the school year!

Restaurant: In Taiwan, probably Coco Curry (Japanese curry), Maharaja or any place that does authentic Korean! In Canada I love Kelsey’s and Boston Pizza and Red Lobster. ^o^

Shop: Value Village, Chapters (large book store), independent book stores, clothing stores that have clothes my size that I find fashionable / nice :), costume stores, anime/manga stores

Books : Anne of Green Gables, always and forever!

Shoes : My feet are both wide and on the large side. My right foot is also a full shoe size bigger than my left. My instep is also pretty high. As a result I’m just going to say anything that looks good and is reasonably feminine and also comfortable. I tend to wear a lot of nice dressy sandals with adjustable straps, but am moving to a temperate country next year so I’ll have to get back into wearing closed toe things again.


Feeling: tired, anxious, happy

Single or Taken : *sings* ALL THE SINGLE LADIES, PUT YOUR HANDS UP! ♪ ♫ ♬

Eating: I just finished eating a carrot dipped in 고추장 (hot pepper paste). I wasn’t kidding about the Korean restaurant thing. I love the strong flavours of Korean food <3.

Thinking about: All that I need to do before going to Canada July 3rd and everything I need to do to go Japan August 10th and everything I need to do before the end of my job June 30th.

Watching: I don’t have anything on in the background.

Wearing: black skirt, shirt that says “I’m a Karaoke star” in Korean XD


Want Children: I teach kids, those are enough children for me!

Want to be married: If I meet the right person, sure!

Careers in mind: I’m currently a teacher. Realistically I’d like to move into being a teacher librarian. I’d also like to be a singer.

Where you want to live: In a large city in Japan, which is where I’m moving next year (Osaka!)


God: atheist. Grew up Christian. I have no problem with other people doing their thing though, as long as we respect each other and our rights.

Miracles: Nope.

Love at first sight: That’s called lust dude.

Ghosts: Undecided.

Aliens: I think aliens exist. I’m not sure if they have visited our planet.

Soulmates: I think I used to (even if for some people they were just platonic), now I’m not so sure. Honestly I’d like to marry and/or live with my soulmate one day, should they exist. I just don’t like the idea of living and dying alone when I get old. That kind of terrifies me.

Heaven and Hell (Combining these two): I’m an atheist…and I think now is all we have.

Kissing on a first date: Do I BELIEVE IN IT? I think people should do what they want and what they are comfortable with. As long as it’s not hurting anyone, live and let live. Would I kiss someone on the first date? It depends on how much I like them/am attracted to them and how much I trust them.

Yourself: I do have moments of doubt, but I’ve lived in four countries, soon to be five. I lived through a ton of shit growing up and took on a lot of responsibility. I have worked through so much of my anxiety. I had a terrible first year as a teacher and faced that head on. I lived in a situation that sucked me dry and then got out of it. I am a pretty damn resilient and awesome person!


I’m not sure who I follow that hasn’t done this tag, but I’m going to guess that joreadsalot hasn’t done it yet. I know she’s also new to blogging, so I dare say she should introduce herself to the world by using this tag!


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