If you liked this, than read this… #1

Welcome to my first round of if…then Thursdays. Each Thursday that I have the urge and remember and have two books I’d like to share, I will be touching upon this topic. First up we’re going to do two dystopian modern classics.

If you liked The Giver:


Then try The Chrysalids:


When I was reading The Chrysalids the connection I made to The Giver came on so quickly. As noted above they are both dystopian modern classics. Both of them have a world where what it means to be a person and life in general has been streamlined and standardized, and the goal in each world is sameness. In fact babies who do not follow a particular standard in each book have to deal with horrendous fates. There is also an escape narrative present in each. While I personally prefer The Giver far more, if you like one I think it’s natural that you should at least try the other, because they are so similar while having many differences!


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