Down the TBR Hole #1

Whenever I can remember / have the time from henceforth I’d like to do “down the tbr hole” Sunday. My issue is, I am approaching 2000 books on my TBR list, and this gives me a way of revisiting just a few of those books every week. Basically I’m going to randomize my tbr list on goodreads, and include the first 5 on the list that I intend to keep on my TBR and the first 5 I find that I am willing to delete. Now one can always HOPE this will help me pare down my tbr, but let’s be real I add books like it’s nobody’s business! At least this will keep me in the habit of culling books on a nearly once a week basis though. ; ) Plus it’s always interesting to see what people have on their tbrs and what they are deleting, right?

First of all, these are five books on my Keep on TBR list!



Here’s a love story that’s supposed to be exceptional, and involves the cultural difference of people from different planets and warfare. Although I’m a little on the fence about this one, as I’m not sure if I’m going to like it or not, for now I’m going to say this is a KEEP.


I’m not sure if I’ll ever quit dieting, but this book has an exceptional rating and I love the title and message. I feel like this is a book that I need to read eventually.


It’s a creepy classic I’ve wanted to read for ages, this is an easy KEEP.


I love reading about people who grew up in either crazy religious situations or cult situations.


For those of you who don’t know Jazz is a girl who came out as transgender very publically at a young age (perhaps around age 8). She is now a teenager who has her own reality tv show and acts as an advocate for young transgender people. She has now published another book which I also want to read but this is a KEEP because I teach kids and want to teach them about acceptance and respect of and for everyone!



It’s a m/m romance, and it’s by the author of Leo Love Aries, a book that I really enjoyed! That being said this is the second in a series I haven’t even read the first for. Say WHHHHAT? I want to read more from this author but it doesn’t make sense to keep the second one on my TBR so DELETE.


It’s a non-fiction book about Druids. It’s supposed to be a good book about said topic but I currently have very little interest in druids (I might have added this because of the TV show Merlin?), so this one is an easy…DELETE.


Although Brent Weeks is very well known in the fantasy world, there are so many fantasies I want to read more than this. I added it more based on the exceptional reviews than out of actual interest in reading it at this point. Besides which, I already have another book by this author on my TBR, and I want to read The Black Prism more, so maybe I should just stick with that for now. This is an easy choice: DELETE


This is Peter Pan and Tiger Lily’s story pre-Wendy. To be honest, I really don’t care for Tiger Lily or her story. I added this more because so many on booktube were reading it and loving it, but for me this is not something I am excited to read.


It’s a really highly rated book and lots of people love it, but upon rereading the summary I decided, I just don’t care to read it any time soon.













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