Top 10 Tuesday – Top 10 Anticipated LGBTQ+ Romance books Recently Added to my TBR

Well THAT title is certainly a mouthful, but when it became apparent that today’s Top 10 Tuesday was about “top books of x genre recently added to your TBR”, I knew it had to be lgbtqi+ romance, as that’s what I’ve most recently been adding a ton of. If you got me at this time last year, it would have been YA fantasy, so it’s honestly just one of those things! I decided I would just discuss books that weren’t in my anticipated releases post, so you’ll find some new things on here. Also barring one book on this list, the rest were added within the last two and a half months, so pretty recent additions. On to the list!


Blank Spaces (Toronto Connections #1) by Cass Lennox

This book features an asexual in a romantic relationship, and you guys there are not nearly enough romantic books about asexuals. Plus it takes place in Toronto, which is an awesome city that I lived in for a year.


Somebody Killed His Editor (Holmes and Moriarty #1) by: Josh Lanyon

There’s a washed up author, a cop and a murder mystery. I’ve never read a murder mystery gay romance before (if you could call this a romance, I don’t even know). In any case, I’m interested in reading it!


A Destiny of Dragons (Tales from Verenia #2) by: T.J.Klune

Yes, there are T.J.Klune books I haven’t talked about yet, but that’s largely as I just finished the first book at the beginning of this month, then found out that the second book is soon to come out. I love the cover! That aside, the first book in this series was so delightful crackfilled and full of laugh out loud moments. This is a parody, on crack and absolutely ridiculous!


The Locker Room by: Amy Lane

I haven’t read a gay sports book yet, but I have certainly read sports manga and fanfiction based off of sports manga. I’ve also read alternate universe sports based fanfiction…so…it’s not like I’m averse to something like this. I also like how they are together and they are professional and hiding their relationship, but they run into some rough patches with having to hide it. Really curious about this one in particular because the rating on it is so high on Goodreads.


Hexbreaker (Hexworld #1) by: Jordan L. Hawk

There are witches with familiars who are also humans. A witch and his familiar are investigating a magical occurrence, and they pair up together eventually forming a deeper attachment while they are unable to ignore the passion between them. YUM!


The Secrets in My Scowl by: A. E. Via

It’s about a scowly lawyer and a wedding planner getting together. The blurb does it much better justice than I do. It just sounds like something I’d really enjoy!


Know Not Why       by: Hannah Johnson

This book looks ADORABLE. Basically Howie gets a job at an Arts n’ Crafts store, expecting it will help him pick up the ladies. Unfortunately his female coworkers don’t really seem attainable. He ends up instead falling for his male coworker Arthur! This sounds like the cutest cuteness to ever be cute!


Silent by: Sara Alva

Alex is uprooted from his world one day and placed in a group home. He starts talking with the only boy “lower on the food chain” than him, a mute boy named Sebastian. It’s easy to talk to Sebastian but Alex also makes assumptions about him because he is mute. Eventually the two end up becoming friends and possibly more than, when the rug is pulled out from right under their feet.

This book has exceptional ratings and seems like it will be a big giant thrust your hand into my chest and twist my heart angst-fest.


Backwards to Oregon (The Oregon Series #1) by: Jae

Finally some f/f romance. I do read it, it’s just harder stuff to find in general, and especially to find stuff that interests me. I love historical fiction books when women dress up like men because that’s how they feel comfortable and/or to deal with the harsh realities and truths about being a woman at that time. I also like when said women are married and are in lesbian relationships. Yes, I have read a book with the aforementioned description of crossdressing woman disguised as man married to woman so I do know that this is to my taste. Totally intrigued with this one!


Ravensong (Wolfsong #2) by: T.J.Klune

This is the sequel to Wolfsong, which I absolutely adored! It is a wolf shifter novel, but it’s so deliciously angsty with wonderful characters to boot. You will be pulled in for the ride and enjoy every second of it. There’s still no release date. It’s announcement was a rather recent occurrence. I still cannot wait, especially as I’m not 100% sure but I think this book is going to focus on Robby and Kelly who I LOVE and who have SUCH POTENTIAL FOR AMAZING CUTENESS. ❤

So I hope you found a book of interest up above. If you have any books that fit into this category that you’ve recently added to your tbr, please mention them down below. I always like to be made aware of new stuff.


3 thoughts on “Top 10 Tuesday – Top 10 Anticipated LGBTQ+ Romance books Recently Added to my TBR

  1. I read Blank Spaces, and I really enjoyed it. It took a while to suck me in, but once I was in, I was all in. Great read.

    I read my first TJ Klune not too long ago, and I really enjoyed it. Love that there’s a big back list of books just waiting for me to pick them up!

    If you end up liking gay sports romance, HIM by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy is fabulous.

    I hope you enjoy all your books. 🙂

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