Top 10 Ten Tuesdays – Summer Reads

So I’m not going to place my summer reads into a particular sub-genre of “x type of summer reads”, I’m just going to say that I chose them all for different reasons, as relates to this theme of reading in summer. Hopefully you’ll get my reasons why, by reading my blurbs below. bit

Before I go any further, Top 10 Tuesday was created by Broke and Bookish. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to the list. ONWARDS!

These are listed in no particular order, if you are interested in one of these and pick said book up, I basically think you can’t go wrong.


This book is basically an extended version of the movie Fried Green Tomatoes, which is also amazeballs, but in case you don’t know what either the book or movie is about, let me elaborate. Basically one day Evelyn goes to visit her mother and law in a nursing home, who has a touch of dementia and hates her guts. Kicked out, and bummed out, she sits in the waiting area and a woman named Mrs. Threadgoode starts up a conversation. Basically this woman starts telling her the story of a tomboy named Idgie and her friend Ruth, who in the 1930s ran a café in Whistle Stop, Alabama. This book is dramatic and at times edge of your seat and simply oozes southern charm (while also addressing some heavier topics). I think it’s all those sunny Alabama days, summer scenes and outdoor barbeques that really make me associate this book with the summertime.


This is the lesbian time travelling back to Spain a thousand years ago, with a badass crossdressing woman, romance that you never thought you needed. There’s swashbuckling, politics and it’s loads and fun and drama and steam wrapped up into a neat little package. Often in summer time I’m looking for something exciting and action packed, with drama and sizzling hot chemistry, that will also give me feels. It’s a tall order, but this ticks off all of the aforementioned boxes.


I associate summers with watching documentaries about random speculative stuff. I blame it all on that moment when TLC (The Learning Channel) was transitioning from an actual learning channel, to a channel about aliens, ghosts and the apocalypse. (this was before it’s foray into reality TV, which is what they seem to do these days) Anyways, not that Vicious is based on any kind of true story, and certainly you need to suspend your disbelief, but basically people find a way to gain super powers, and they’re psychotic, and each believes themselves to be right. Despite how messed up Victor Vale is, you end up rooting for him as he’s well written and the better of two evils (in terms of having motivations that the reader can relate with more). Summer time is also a fun time to get into super hero / action based things. Heck, it’s when a lot of super hero movies come out, for a good reason!


Not only is this one of my favourite Roald Dahl books, what is more summery than a peach? Seriously? He’s travelling around with his giant bug friends in a huge peach that has tunnels in it, making friends and finally finding a place to belong!


Jurassic Park is such a summer franchise. In fact, I first saw the original movie at a drive in movie theatre back in the summer before I entered grade four. At the time, when you left the car you felt the balmy summer heat and the swarm of mosquitoes as you ran to the bathroom or to go buy a snack. What’s to say? It’s Jurassic Park. It’s about a theme park with real life dinosaurs and what goes wrong when someone becomes too money and power hungry and the park doesn’t have enough safeguards on it. There are dinosaurs rampaging and people just trying to survive and make it off alive. This is an action packed book that’s perfect for a thrill during those summer months!


This is the book I associate most with reading during summer break. Not only is it super cute and amazingly well written (and easy to read), Anne first comes to Green Gables during the late spring or early summer. As a result a lot of those first scenes with “The Lake of Shining Waters,” “The White Way of Delight” and other iconic Avonlea places, are first seen through her imaginative eyes with a unique perspective attuned to natural beauty, in summer! If you want to read a classic this summer, this is one that I highly recommend!


Out of all the Narnia books, this is the one I’d recommend the most for summer as it reads like a series of small adventures. They are also sailing on the sea, and I never remember any scene feeling like anything other than an eternal summer (quite the opposite of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, where it was initially eternal winter). This was my favourite Narnia book as a child, and remains one of my favourites to this day!


Brian Selznick is an amazing author and illustrator. If you’ve never read one of his chunky books, do yourself a favour and check one out of the library. They are so worthwhile to own, but are only sold as paper back so be willing to shell out a bit if you go that route. This author has such a unique way of weaving story and illustration together in books. You have two deaf characters, one being a girl who travels to New York to seek out a silent actress she is a big fan of, and the other is a boy in the modern day who travels to New York to find his father. Eventually their stories meet. I won’t give away any more than that. I read it last summer, and when I was reading about a certain scene involving the boy, all I could think was “summer at the cottage”. Go check this one out as Brian Selznick is story writing gold!


For this one, nothing specifically summery came to mind, I just love this book ok? It makes you feel so much, and as a young girl I loved it. I was between this book and The Secret Garden, but clearly the latter is a spring book (it has garden in the name) so here we are. Basically it’s about Sara who is the daughter of a rich man. One day her father dies and leaves her penniless, so she goes from being a rich boarding house student to a maid in the attic. It’s about her experiences and feelings in the time before, during and after. Lovely book!


I read this one during last summer vacation and it was just THE. CUTEST. THING. So you have Simon who is emailing a fellow gay boy at his school named Blue. Both of them know they go to the same school but don’t know the identity of the other. One day Simon leaves his email at school open, and a fellow member of the drama club begins to blackmail him, saying he will be outed if Simon doesn’t do as he says.

Blue and Simon are just so perfect together and I want to squeeze them together in the mushiest hug. It was pretty obvious who Blue was though, right from the get-go. Not much mystery there, but if you want a happy contemporary YA, I’ve got you covered there!


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