Top Ten Tuesday – Characters I liked who were in Disliked Books

Honestly this week involved a lot of digging through the 1 and 2 star entries on Goodreads, thinking back to characters in those works and sometimes even researching the characters to remind myself of who was in those books. I don’t always remember the characters I liked in books I disliked, as sometimes I’m just trying to erase the unenjoyable reading experience from my memory. Also, don’t hate on me for hating any of your faves either. K?

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End of March Wrap Up

Woah, a month with just two wrap ups – what’s going on? Might be largely because it’s spring here and I’m feeling much better so I’m not just sticking around my house but going out into the wide world. I’m also listening to more music and less books lately (as well as catching up on some tv). C’est la vie when you are a person with multiple interests allowed to evolve and change.

Anyways the second, third and fourth weeks of this month were ok for reading, but not amazing. It’s especially sad that after Perfume (which I finished in the second week) I didn’t have any books that wowed me. I am happy though that I have now read most of K. J. Charles works, with just a few minor things still remaining.

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YA Contemporaries NEED economic diversity!

To be completely fair, it’s not as if I’ve read a great deal of YA Contemporaries and there are certainly some YA books that don’t fall into the above aforementioned category. Winner of many awards last year, Angie Thomas’ The Hate U Give had a protagonist who I would not label as necessarily being upper middle class or wealthy. Eleanor and Park has a girl who is poor and not in the best of family situations.

I’m just struck lately, by how many contemporaries I deign to read that have characters of the above aforementioned description though.

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End of March – Currently Reading, TBR and DNFs

I thought it would be a bit much to post the above three categories along with my wrap up. I decided not to have a separate tbr post for this month only because there will only be two books on the list this month. You may be asking, “why?” and the answer is that I will be starting a potentially pretty time intensive course in April. Not to mention I will be  continuing to do my time consuming full time job, and I’ll be wanting to enjoy some outdoor time during beautiful Japanese spring! After living for five years in subtropical weather and having a whole pile of unpleasant shit happen to me this winter, I am READY for the gorgeous springtime! The sakura blossoms right now are pretty much out of this world.

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Real Talk Time

What do you do when you need a support network, but don’t have one? What do you do when the organization that was supposed to help you with getting settled in, in a country where English is not the first language is not pulling their weight and then blames you for needing help? What if the organization you work for has a history of doing this? What if people in position of power have spouses from the country or if they generally don’t do overseas hires so they don’t understand or care? What if you were put in a position of being made anxious by your coworkers because you were told by a boss about what, “people were saying”? What if said boss was tearing you down by his approach towards communicating with you, this at a time when you’re especially vulnerable?

Then ultimately…what if you were made to feel like you had to shoulder the blame and then were ultimately not renewed, all when you were incredibly sick and didn’t have a support network? Then what if you were denied references that you were told you would get? Made to feel that one misstep would ruin your career? Made to feel that when things are already difficult enough because you have to explain away why you were/are leaving after only one year to potential future employers? Were made to feel like you had to confide in SOMEONE so you decided to post it all in a very vague way on your not super popular or widely read book blog but you STILL worried about doing it?

I won’t get into the whos and hows and whys, because obviously I need to protect myself, but this has been my situation since shortly after I moved to Japan. Of course things can always be worse, but having taught in 3 other countries previously I can honestly say I’ve never been in a situation like this. Most recently I developed two bald spots for the first time in my life, which are likely related to the stress of all this. I’m emotionally tired. I’m searching for another job and at the end of the day if I don’t post as often as I like, this is the reason why.