February 2018 Wrap Up – Week 3

I’m still reading lots of books that aren’t on my tbr, but I’m still managing to pick up and finish books that are! Part of my problem is that I have been known to have an addictive personality, so when I found out I liked Cardeno C’s shifter stuff for instance, I had to sit down and read all of it! Now that I’m on a bit of a m/m historical fiction kick, I am reading lots of K. J. Charles and also finally read A Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue (which was on my tbr!) Anyways, if you want to find out about what I read this week, check out the post below!

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Top Ten Tuesday – Books I Decided I’m No Longer Interested in Reading

I’ve finally gotten to the point where I look at classic or hyped books and think critically about if I really want to read them. Fact is life is short, and new books are always coming out. Given that I’m no longer in university, no one is forcing me to sit down and read books that I don’t actually want to read, I’ve just decided not to go there if I don’t actually give a flying ****. At this point I can also say that I know enough about my reading tastes to be able to discern if I think a super hyped book is probably not for me, so all of these are popular and/or relatively popular books that I took off of my tbr, for various reasons. That’s not to say that I won’t ever read them, but I probably won’t. 😀

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Down the TBR / Rabbit Hole

There was actually a ton of “behind the scenes” deleting that went on this week, and I’m proud to say for the first time in a long time, I have a tbr that is firmly below 2000 (at 1991). Usually my tbr is closer to skirting the number or is even above. I feel proud of my deleting prowess, considering that I only have so much time to devote to reading and so I have to start prioritizing more than I have been! Anyways, on to the list!

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Movies I’ve Watched Recently

Last weekend was a four day long weekend,so I decided to watch some movies. I’m actually not much of a movie or tv watcher, but one lovely thing about that is that whenever I decide that I’m in the mood for a bit of tv or some movies, there’s a ton of good stuff backlogged for me to try and get into.

Below are three movies I watched, with a few brief thoughts on each.

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Top Ten Tuesday – Top 10 official/canon OTPs found in books!

Hello everyone! So this week’s Top Ten Tuesday is a Valentine’s Day freebee! As I’ve always been a fangirl, I thought what better way to do this than to go with some official/canon OTPs that can be found in books I like. Now in some cases I may have fallen in love with the couple before reading the book version of the story, but in every case I have read the book!

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February 2018 – Second Weekly Wrapup

So I’m continuing to venture pretty far off of my TBR path, but I still finished two books  that I was working on as of my last post. I’m pretty deep into m/m shifters atm, although that’s not what I’m reading exclusively. Still, don’t be surprised at the number of books that are of the m/m shifter variety. First let’s start on what I’m reading currently, which is below the cut.

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